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Test your English Etiquette

La comunicación es uno de los grandes pilares de nuestra era. Y entre tanta abundancia comunicativa, a veces es fácil perderse en la cotidianidad del lenguaje. ¿Crees que suenas polite cuando te comunicas en inglés? ¡Te invitamos a que realices nuestro test de English Etiquette! Toma papel y lápiz y no te olvides de anotar [...]

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10 TV Series to improve your Business English

Browse through our list of 10 TV shows that are more than likely to keep you entertained and up to date with your business jargon. Accountant by day and Law fan by night? Are you looking to expand your knowledge of medical diagnosis? Do you need to work on your communication skills? Or do you [...]

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Legal English II

Legal English II A fine (Noun) is a relatively small amount of money you have to pay for a minor offense. Example: I paid a fine of 100 euros for double parking. To fine (verb) Example: The police fined me 100 euros for double parking. Lawyer is a qualified expert who [...]

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English for Finance II

English for Finance II What is the difference between an American Option and a European Option? An American option can be exercised at any time up to the exercise date. A European option can only be exercised on the exercise date. European options cease trading one day before American options. Rolling [...]

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Lie In and Be More Productive

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Phrasal verbs

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The Inventor of Email

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Why are more Americans than ever returning their passports?

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Brexit Economic Effect

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